About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Juuso Voutilainen. I’m from a small town called Rovaniemi, which is in the province of Lapland, in Finland. I study in the University of Lapland, in the Faculty of Arts in a program called Audiovisual Mediaculture. I also was also an exchange student in Montreal in Concordia University, mainly Photography, then Art History and Physics.

I have always had somewhat of an aptitude towards visual arts, I have been drawing from the very young age. Though drawing was in a way left to the past, as the interest developed to a variety of other forms. I acquired my first digital camera in the age of fifteen, and from that time on it has become one of my majority points of interest. At that same time I also began to learn using Photoshop, seeing those amazing terraspace/space-related artworks on the web, and in pursuit of being one day capable of learning to do them myself also. From photography, the art developed onwards to videography/cinematography, when me and my group of friends started to make movies. From this point on it developed into visual effects realm, and post-processing. From post-processing it developed to 3D-modelling and how 2D-image and 3D-objects can work together to bring good outcome. So I have been developing my skills in various areas, and the learning still continues. All the works you see here (expect the movies I have been part of) are done by me.

Thanks for visiting!